Science Education at ONU

The ONU Department of Physical Sciences supports teacher education in four main ways:

  1. teaching required courses for Earth & Space Science concentration for Secondary Science Education majors;
  2. teaching science courses designed for elementary education majors;
  3. teaching the methods of science classroom instruction for those preparing to be high school science teachers; and
  4. sponsorship of the ONU Student Chapter of the National Science Teachers Association.
Elementary Education majors who are interested in more information about our courses and obtaining a science endorsement should see our science for elementary teachers page.

Secondary Science Education

Students who desire to teach high school science should complete the Science Education major. The degree requires that the student be accepted into the Teacher Education program by completing the Application for Admission. This should be completed no later than the sophomore year after the completion of EDUC 150 and EDUC 249.

The program includes completion of:

The set of core education courses includes hours in observing and practicing teaching in public school classrooms. For the student teaching semester, candidates are placed with a high school science teacher and supervised by a university science faculty member. This is a rigorous program of study alongside students majoring in Geology, Chemistry, and other science disciplines.

Students planning to major in Science Education with a concentration in Earth & Space Science should contact Prof. Priscilla Skalac for additional information and advice.

Science Education Major, B.S.:

Core Science Courses:
     GEOL 105 - Physical & Historical Geology
     GEOL 130 - Astronomy
     CHEM 103 & 104 - General Chemistry I & II
     ENVI 310 - Environmental Science, Technology, and Society for Teachers
     BIOL 125 & 126 - Biology I & II
     PHYS 121 - College Physics I OR PHYS 201 General Physics I
     PHYS 122 - College Physics II OR PHYS 202 General Physics II
     MATH 131 - Algebra & Trigonometry OR MATH 147 Calculus I
Core Education Courses:
     EDUC 150 - Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Education
     EDUC 249 - Educational & Developmental Psychology
     EDUC 295 - Instructional Technology
     EDUC 376 - Teaching Diverse Populations
     EDUC 385 - Middle/Secondary School Methods
     EDUC 456 - Management/Professional Practices
     EDUC 486 - Student Teaching
Recommended Supporting Courses
     EDUC 214 - Early Adolescent Development
     EDUC 325 - Classroom Management
     ENGL 320 - Reading: Process & Skills
Choose One of the following concentrations:
A. Biology Concentration:
    For required courses in the Biology concentration, please see Dr. Johnson in the Biology Department.
B. Chemistry Concentration:
    For required courses in the Chemistry concentration, please see Prof. Priscilla Skalac.
C. Earth & Space Concentration:
     GEOL 300 - Paleontology
     GEOL 302 - Earth Materials
     GEOL 310 - The Earth's Weather
     GEOL 346 - Tools of Astronomy
     GEOL 360 - Geographic Information Systems & Global Positioning Systems
     GEOL 362 - Sedimentology & Stratigraphy OR
         GEOL 321 - Geomorphology & Earth Hazards OR
         GEOL 366 - Structural Geology & Field Methods
Recommended Supporting Courses
     MATH 147 - Calculus I
     MATH 148 - Calculus II

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