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Carrigan family at Garden of the Gods State Park, Summer 2006

Dr. Charles W. Carrigan


Dr. Charles Carrigan joined ONU in the Fall of 2004 after working on his doctorate at the University of Michigan. His professional interests are in geochronology, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and tectonics. He teaches courses in Earth Materials, Natural Resources, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Environmental Geochemistry, and Structural Geology.

Dr. Carrigan completed his M.S. thesis at Vanderbilt University in 2000. His research included high-resolution ion microprobe age dates for the oldest rocks in the Southern Appalachian mountains of N. Carolina. For his doctoral research, he travelled to Bulgaria and worked on the tectonic history of southeastern Europe.

Why did you go into geology?
"When I was a freshman student at ONU, I was searching for what major and future career was right for me. It was a difficult time to go through, until I took intro geology class - I had always enjoyed the outdoors, nature, science, and math, so it was an easy fit right from day 1. I love geology because it asks some of the more poetic questions in science - 'how do mountains form?' 'where do rivers come from?', etc. Discovery of something new in science, something that no one on Earth has ever known before - that is where the real fun lies. Plate tectonics was the thing that really caught my attention - learning about old mountain belts now eroded away, supercontinents like Pangea, and how the Earth has changed - that's what really got me into geology and has kept me there. Plus, when you get to do your work in the mountains, you get to enjoy some great scenery."

Student Research Opportunities:
Dr. Carrigan has active research projects in the Southern Appalachians and elsewhere, and students interested in Pence-Boyce summer projects or Department/University Honors Projects are welcome to discuss how they might take part in his research group. There are lots of possibilities!

His family includes his wife Dana and their three young daughters Carly, Brianna, and Auriella.

Selected Publications

Carrigan, C.W., Mukasa, S.B., Haydoutov, I., and Kolcheva, K., 2006, Neoproterozoic magmatism and Carboniferous high-grade metamorphism in the Sredna Gora Zone, Bulgaria: An extension of the Gondwana-derived Avalonian-Cadomian belt? Precambrian Research, 147, 404-416.

Carrigan, C.W., Mukasa, S.B., Haydoutov, I., and Kolcheva, K., 2005, Age of Variscan magmatism from the Balkan sector of the orogen, central Bulgaria. Lithos, 82, 125-147.

Carrigan, C.W., Miller, C.F., Fullagar, P.D., Bream, B.R., Hatcher, R.D., Jr., and Coath, C.D., 2003, Ion microprobe age and geochemistry of southern Appalachian basement, with implications for Proterozoic and Paleozoic reconstructions. Precambrian Research, 120, 1-36.

Professional Memberships

Geological Society of America
Mineralogical Society of America
Affiliation of Christian Geologists: Vice President 2008-2010; President 2010-

Contact Information

One University Ave
ONU Box 6047
Bourbonnais, IL 60914
P: 815-939-5346
F: 815-939-5071
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